Yael Naim – Flightless Bird (Cover)

Yael Naim – Flightless Bird (Cover)

Yael Naim - Flightless Bird (Cover) pictures

Sometimes I consciously (the side of the consciousness continuum that resides close enough to subconscious that many relegate their awareness away for the sake of restrictive simplicity) incorporate mistakes into my music to prove to my semi-present audience that it is actually me making the music and not some disembodied artist residing in the fantasy world of inflated reputations that so many non-musicians (and a good deal of musicians) create in their minds through media hype-induced delusions. This seems to be a case in point.

Yael Naim - Flightless Bird (Cover) imageYael Naim - Flightless Bird (Cover) pictureYael Naim - Flightless Bird (Cover) images

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